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Let's make things better


Maybe coaching is the wrong word. I'm not going to tell you what to do. What I or other people may think you need to do is not what matters. We need to work out what you think you need to do.


To do that we will talk. Mostly you will talk and I will listen, deeply, possibly in a way you have never been listened to before. Together we will explore the areas that concern you and find a way forwards.

Every person is different. Every person wants different things in different ways. I've worked with many diverse people in many contrasting ways. I will be led by you.

You will bring...

Open mindedness. Trust. A comitment to get what you need from the process.

I will bring...

100% focus on you. No judgement. A friendly, open space. A determination to help you achieve sustainable results and long-lasting positive change.


We can meet face-to-face if you're happy to come to West London. We can work over the phone or video calls. Or we can even work over email. Whatever suits you best.

How does it start?

I offer a complimentary 'discovery' call where we can talk over whatever you have going on and how we might work together.


  • 1 hr long session:                 £60

  • Block of 5 sessions:              £250

PRO BONO - I love coaching. I think almost everyone can benefit from it and like to be able to offer it also to those who cannot afford it. At all times I like to have one or two pro bono clients. If you think you would especially benefit from coaching but can't afford to pay then send me an email with some details on what you are looking for and all applications will be considered.

What do you really want?

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