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I have been working with Sam now for nearly a year now and he has changed my life. Sam helped me put my life and what was going on around me into perspective. Not only did he let me be free in the way I explained how I was feeling, with the questions he asked me I was able to have the revelations I never thought I would have. Those questions were those that made me think, it opened up the confusion and helped me see clearly to be able to rationalise and organise my thoughts and feelings. He has the most positive outlook on life and I genuinely saw how invested he was in making me feel better about my life and situation. Before I had even started making progress for myself he saw my potential and that motivated me to want to think positively and change my life for the better.  90% of my growth was me and the last 10% was Sam giving me those little pushes I needed. The world is my oyster now.

Drama Student

Loren Anderson

Sam was hugely helpful as a guide and mentor. His capacity to listen with huge attention to detail and then offer advice that was both compassionate and pragmatic, was invaluable. Sam offers practical solutions and focused goal-orientated suggestions. He also offers bigger-picture perspective and has a rare knack for identifying what it is you actually want rather than what you think you 'should' want. I felt much clearer about my priorities and how to go about achieving those goals after my sessions with Sam


Ella Hickson

Sam is an inspirational coach. He manages to combine an empathetic, listening approach with constructive and knowledgeable advice, meaning you leave each session feeling empowered and positive. He has numerous techniques at his disposal to ensure you are able to address your own needs, so that you can make real practical progress in reaching your goals.

Publishing Executive


I worked with Sam as I was struggling with confidence issues at work. What was great about the sessions we had was that Sam had a knack of asking the right questions which enabled me the space to talk through my problems, this resulted in me speaking aloud a couple truths which resonated with me at a deep level and changed my perspective. Everything after that seemed alot less of a battle. Sam is very friendly and personable along with being a great coach.



Sam is incredibly empathetic, intelligent, and positive. You have a real sense that he genuinely cares and you feel totally safe with him and that he not only wants the best for you but can bring the best out of you. He's very good at reflecting yourself back to you, so you find your own answers. His memory and ability to re-align you with your best self is amazing. I came away from every session feeling more aligned with my goals and in a positive and confident state of mind. I have also found myself in a better routine and way more productive having worked with Sam.



I’ve been having the same conversations with myself for a while and being able to talk about these things openly with Sam, made me confront the real reasons for being stuck. I was not sure I would be able to speak to a stranger about issues so personal to me, but Sam was impartial from the start and made me feel at ease. He has gently challenged me and helped me articulate the root of my issues. As a result I’m able to move forward with a much more positive attitude. I would definitely recommend Sam!

Telecoms Engineer

Crystal Tse

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