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Who are You?

I'm open to working with anyone but my background draws me towards people with a creative side. You might be an actor, a writer or a CEO. You might be very experienced or just starting out.


Mainly you're someone who wants to make a change.

What are you thinking?

  • I want to find more balance between work and other things. To find more time.

  • I'm feeling blocked.

  • I can start things but never finish them.

  • I'd like to do something new.

  • I'm struggling with the rejection.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • I need help with this current project.

  • This work is not leaving room for my/any relationships.

  • I never meet deadlines.

  • I need more creative joy in my life.

  • How can I make my idea happen?

  • I can't carry on like this.

  • I have a big decision to make.

  • I wish there was someone who really listened.

I've had most of these thoughts at one time or another. If any feel familiar, let's do something about it.

What's holding you back?

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